Sex is important in any committed relationship. It is the ultimate expression of intimacy and pleasure between two people in love. Sex has numerous positive advantages, physical, emotional and others too. If people can understand these benefits, then that will help them recognize the importance of sex in bonding relationship further and create a deeper sense of intimacy.

Whether it is a new relationship or a زواج after many years, sex is important from the health point of view as well. People who have regular sex have been found to be healthier both, physically and emotionally. They have higher levels of antibodies or immunoglobulin A, that help them to fight against infections and improve their immunity.

Women definitely feel better as regular sex improves their blood pressure and improves the muscle control in the pelvic area and that in turn helps to increase bladder control. Younger girls also have lighter and regular periods when their sexual life is regular. Similarly, men have frequent orgasms linked to prevention of prostate cancer.

There are many such physical benefits of regular sex. There are, however, many emotional benefits of sex in a marriage or relationship. Orgasms reduce the stress in the body and that helps make people feel happy and optimistic and they treat each other with more love. People feel happy with themselves and others as well. Sexual satisfaction is very important and should not be ignored. It improves the bonding, decreases tensions and inhibitions between the partners. People come closer and feel confident about each other.

When you are happy and confident with each other, this happiness and confidence will spread to other areas of your life. You will be more optimistic, ready to take more risks and be nicer to people. when the physical needs are fulfilled, then that happiness reflects in another sphere too. Ensure that you are able to speak to each other about your desires and able to feel completely open when it comes to sex.

Remember that there may come a time when for some reason you and your partner are not able to have sex and at such times do not try to blame each other but find a solution through counseling. After all, sex is a tool for happiness, and not meant only for procreation.