Like-mindedness is definitely in!

Can you imagine living even a day with someone or sharing space with someone who is not on the same page as you? Have you ever given a thought if it is plausible to think that you can agree to disagree for a lifetime and then try to behave as if everything is indeed okay with your relationship?

No! That would not only be cheating on your partner but also tantamount to big-time cheating on yourself!

Honesty is the best policy:

Let me tell you this upfront: integrity whether in any institution or at work or play is still very fashionable. You cannot feign something is not bothering you when in reality it is. it is always and marks my words here, ‘always’ best to be clear in your mind as to what you are looking at when you date or when you decide that you are going to be together.

You will need to be on the same plane, for heaven’s sake:

Sharing the most intimate moments of your life warrants that you are extremely honest about yourself and also care for the other person. It is something that is taken for granted often but there is a different kind of intimacy n being together in thoughts as much as in body. So, the first step towards compatibility will definitely be opening up to your preferences and values.


Yes, talk about it and make sure that you are emphatic when your partner tells you their take. There is a big chance is that both of you are already on the same plane and if you are not then there can always be something that can be worked out to suit you both. The internet is full of devices and ideas on dating and the values like LTC, so you needn’t look too far. It is only a click away. But make sure that both of you are together in this one.…