When you are going out, you want to look nothing but your best. When you are meeting a special someone, you want to look absolutely perfect. While going put on a date, one is under stress to look perfect and make a great impression.

Makeup and beauty in 2018 are bound to see a number of new ideas and trends like every other year. Here are some simple beauty tips to help you along to look good on your date:

  • Skin – Ensure your skin is clean and well treated. If there are dry spots or rough spots, use some moisturizing cream the night before. An even skin is the best skin to start your makeup on. You can use some of the over the counter face packs or plain yogurt. Apply it on your face for a few minutes and wash it off for a well-moisturized
  • Foundation – Choose a foundation that suits your skin tone. Never go in for a foundation that is much lighter or darker than your skin tone. You may feel that shade looks good but it will not look good on your skin. You can use a combination of a shade lighter and a shade darker than your skin. Blend it well with an even-toned
  • Eyes – Do not use too much makeup on your eyes. This is just a date and dresses up according to the place you are going to. Your eye makeup has to be simple and light if you are going outdoors. It can be bold and intense if you are going out for the night or going to a party. If it is a simple dinner, a light eye makeup will do. If you want to make it look unique, try different colors but ensure you do not use too many colors at once.

The make-up you wear must enhance your features but not overpower them. Play on your positives rather than trying to hide the negatives, if any.…