A healthy relationship is one in which both the partners can work together as a team and improve the relationship on various aspects. This also includes sex life. Check out https://loveplugs.co/pages/everything-butt-plugs to get ideas on ways to improve your sex life.

Even if your sex life is perfect you could try out some new ways of using love plugs to enhance the experience. It does not necessarily mean that your sex life is not good. This only means that there is no limit on how much you and your partner can explore here and you and your partner are curious to try out a hotter and a more intimate sexual experience.

Emotional vulnerability is the key to take your sex to another level. When you are vulnerable emotionally your bond grows and reaches the next stage. Trying hot sex with this intimacy that is related to emotions will let you explore your sex life further. You will not only share your worries and fears but also be able to share with your partner what your desires and fantasies are. This will get both you and your partner excited in bed.

Apart from developing the intimacy and the emotional connect, there are some other ways that will let your sex life be better.

Simulating manually or orally is great but you could also use some sex toys like butt plugs and vibrators to better the feel. Even if you have been with the same partner for long and know about the right buttons still adding the sex toys can make the environment much hotter. Also, it could be really fun to enter a sex shop and shop for sex toys with your partner.

Trying out new things and having experiences that you both share can be exciting and this increases closeness and lets both of you feel more stimulated.