Beauty tips for your next date

When you are going out, you want to look nothing but your best. When you are meeting a special someone, you want to look absolutely perfect. While going put on a date, one is under stress to look perfect and make a great impression.

Makeup and beauty in 2018 are bound to see a number of new ideas and trends like every other year. Here are some simple beauty tips to help you along to look good on your date:

  • Skin – Ensure your skin is clean and well treated. If there are dry spots or rough spots, use some moisturizing cream the night before. An even skin is the best skin to start your makeup on. You can use some of the over the counter face packs or plain yogurt. Apply it on your face for a few minutes and wash it off for a well-moisturized
  • Foundation – Choose a foundation that suits your skin tone. Never go in for a foundation that is much lighter or darker than your skin tone. You may feel that shade looks good but it will not look good on your skin. You can use a combination of a shade lighter and a shade darker than your skin. Blend it well with an even-toned
  • Eyes – Do not use too much makeup on your eyes. This is just a date and dresses up according to the place you are going to. Your eye makeup has to be simple and light if you are going outdoors. It can be bold and intense if you are going out for the night or going to a party. If it is a simple dinner, a light eye makeup will do. If you want to make it look unique, try different colors but ensure you do not use too many colors at once.

The make-up you wear must enhance your features but not overpower them. Play on your positives rather than trying to hide the negatives, if any.…

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Beginners Guide To Dating With Same Values

Like-mindedness is definitely in!

Can you imagine living even a day with someone or sharing space with someone who is not on the same page as you? Have you ever given a thought if it is plausible to think that you can agree to disagree for a lifetime and then try to behave as if everything is indeed okay with your relationship?

No! That would not only be cheating on your partner but also tantamount to big-time cheating on yourself!

Honesty is the best policy:

Let me tell you this upfront: integrity whether in any institution or at work or play is still very fashionable. You cannot feign something is not bothering you when in reality it is. it is always and marks my words here, ‘always’ best to be clear in your mind as to what you are looking at when you date or when you decide that you are going to be together.

You will need to be on the same plane, for heaven’s sake:

Sharing the most intimate moments of your life warrants that you are extremely honest about yourself and also care for the other person. It is something that is taken for granted often but there is a different kind of intimacy n being together in thoughts as much as in body. So, the first step towards compatibility will definitely be opening up to your preferences and values.


Yes, talk about it and make sure that you are emphatic when your partner tells you their take. There is a big chance is that both of you are already on the same plane and if you are not then there can always be something that can be worked out to suit you both. The internet is full of devices and ideas on dating and the values like LTC, so you needn’t look too far. It is only a click away. But make sure that both of you are together in this one.…

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Take Your Sex Life To The Next Level

A healthy relationship is one in which both the partners can work together as a team and improve the relationship on various aspects. This also includes sex life. Check out to get ideas on ways to improve your sex life.

Even if your sex life is perfect you could try out some new ways of using love plugs to enhance the experience. It does not necessarily mean that your sex life is not good. This only means that there is no limit on how much you and your partner can explore here and you and your partner are curious to try out a hotter and a more intimate sexual experience.

Emotional vulnerability is the key to take your sex to another level. When you are vulnerable emotionally your bond grows and reaches the next stage. Trying hot sex with this intimacy that is related to emotions will let you explore your sex life further. You will not only share your worries and fears but also be able to share with your partner what your desires and fantasies are. This will get both you and your partner excited in bed.

Apart from developing the intimacy and the emotional connect, there are some other ways that will let your sex life be better.

Simulating manually or orally is great but you could also use some sex toys like butt plugs and vibrators to better the feel. Even if you have been with the same partner for long and know about the right buttons still adding the sex toys can make the environment much hotter. Also, it could be really fun to enter a sex shop and shop for sex toys with your partner.

Trying out new things and having experiences that you both share can be exciting and this increases closeness and lets both of you feel more stimulated.


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