The feeling of being in a brand new relationship is second to none. The butterfly in your stomach, the excitement and anticipation of new love is priceless. While emotions are beautiful, the one thing that enhances each moment is beautiful well thought of gift.

The dating procedure almost always takes places in stages, once you’ve made it past your first date, simply means you both like each other and would want to meet again to know each other better. Then comes the second date, and the one thing that runs on your mind is ‘a gift for my girl friends second date’.

While it is great to meet her the second time with a gift in hand. There are certain unsaid rules to play by. You do not want her to misunderstand your gifts considering your relationship is still new. Check out some of the tips below to do better:

Never ever lurk around the ‘ring’ area: This is a big ‘No-No’. If you insist on gifting jewelry, it could be anything but a ring. A ring can be easily mistaken as a proposal, whether you intended or not. And this might cause your relationship to steer into a completely different area.

Be thoughtful: Since you are both new in the relationship, being thoughtful about her likes and dislikes might be a bit tough. But make the most of whatever you got to know about her in the recent past and buy her something she will appreciate.

Conventional gifts never fail: Well almost never fail, buying her flowers or chocolates on your second date will be appreciated. It is safer than creating a gifting blunder and always speaks well about you.

No need for splurging: It is understandable that you wish to impress her in every way possible. But blowing up a fortune on your second date may not be advisable. You are would be setting the bar way too high for your own good.

Never forget to be chivalrous, as this is always a winner, not just to impress your girlfriend but also in the long run.