There’s this girl you really like and you have asked her out. You may be feeling excited, nervous, and hoping that the dateturns out fine. If you are genuinely interested in this girl and wish to know her better, the trick is to get her to open up and talk to you freely.

Here’s an important tip (Tip No#1) for you – Ask questions! There are interesting questions to ask a girl. But, do not make it sound like an interview. Show genuine interest without looking overly inquisitive and make her feel uncomfortable. Prod her gently so that you can get her to talk about herself. Don’t be pushy or aggressive in your communication. Any sensible woman will not like it.

Another important tip (Tip No#2) that could do you good is to be a good listener and appear interested. If your date asks you about yourself answer confidently without bragging or being too self-effacing. It’s a huge plus if you look and sound genuine and natural. Women like it if their dates are genuinely interested in them as individuals.

It is important that you know how to ask questions. (Tip No#3) To get your date to talk freely, ask some open-ended questions, general ones that help build a conversation. For example, you could ask her about her siblings and get her to talk comfortably by speaking of some interesting anecdotes and experiences with your own siblings. Do not dominate the conversation. The idea is to converse and not have a monologue.

(Tip No#4) If it’s difficult to start a personal conversation, you could always ask some interesting circumstances- based questions like food, her interests after you observe her carefully.

Complimenting her clothes, accessories, and looks are very useful to get her attention. The tip here (Tip No#5) is to be genuine and make eye-contact and smile rather than gushing off like a school boy.

The idea is to converse, do fun things like dancing, eating etc., and basically doing things which would keep the date lively and interesting. The idea is to get comfortable being around each other with a feeling of wanting to spend more time together.…